Christopher Nelson

Mr. Nelson has a general contracting background with a major emphasis on flashing, durable transitions between complex conditions and materials, sheet metal, carpentry, and the miscellaneous work critical to the support and interphase between the roof/weatherproofing and the building; areas that are the most typical sources of troublesome water intrusion problems.

At TRS since 1988, Mr. Nelson has developed a deeper and broader understanding of roofing, waterproofing, weatherproofing, and flashing.  He has extensive leak investigation experience having successfully isolated and analyzed many conditions, leak sources, and defects in walls, windows, doors, curtain walls, plaza decks, flashings, as well as a wide variety of roofing, waterproofing and weatherproofing conditions. 

Mr. Nelson has developed detailed specifications and drawings for a wide variety of projects including historic buildings, office buildings, condominiums, residences, and others.  Mr. Nelson is familiar with a all kinds of roofing and weatherproofing products and systems, some of which include built-up roofing, PVC, modified bitumen, tile, wood shakes, shingles (composition, metal, cementitious, and wood), metal, foam, and coatings, as well as sealants (acrylic, butyl, urethane and silicone), and a variety of wall coverings.

Mr. Nelson has litigation support experience and has served as lead expert.  He has provided depositions and trial testimony.

Mr. Nelson has been married for two years to Shirley, who is a family law and trust attorney.  He has a daughter in college.  He has an interest for photography and travel; he has visited much of California and various parts of the U.S. and England.  He also likes to read and is fascinated with a wide variety of things, particularly human and natural history, maps, world events, geology, and automobiles and trains.

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