John A. Goveia

John A. Goveia is President of Pacific Building Consultants, Inc. and cofounder and Vice President of Technical Roof Services, Inc. His experience with most types of roofing and waterproofing systems and more specifically leak and failure diagnosis, has earned him unique respect by industry colleagues. He has worked on projects in 19 States from Key West Florida up to Michigan and Wyoming, Idaho, Washington to Texas plus Hawaii and Kwajalein, in the Marshal Islands.

Mr. Goveia has many years experience doing roofing from 1975 to 1985, before beginning his consulting career. Currently, he provides consulting, document and detail development, leak analysis and dispute resolution expert assistance to clients. Known for his conservative approach to the challenge of wind uplift resistance, he has specified roof and waterproofing systems for unique project conditions and to meet special requirements of clients like Mervyn's Stores, the cities of San Francisco and Livermore, University of California, on over 1700 other project assignments since 1985. He has investigated various roof and waterproofing conditions including damage sustained from hurricanes and earthquakes. John is also a volunteer member for RICOWI *- Roof Industry Committee on Weather Issues, participating in these extreme weather events as an advance response logistic team member for hurricane events for the betterment of the roof industry. John has been to the aftermath of tropical storms/hurricanes Andrew, Gordon, Iniki, Ivan*, Katrina* and Ike* in 2008.

Committed to excellence, Mr. Goveia holds a State of California Teaching Credential for Community College for roofing and waterproofing, teaching apprenticeship classes from 1981 to 1990. He continues to guest speak on Title 24 Part 6 - California Energy Code related to roofing, built-up roofing, tile, shakes & shingles, repair and maintenance, single ply roofing, cold applied roofing, blue prints & specifications, and general safety and wind uplift. He has authored several articles on roof technology, co-authored one of the State of California Roof Apprenticeship modules and provided technical assistance on another. He has published some articles related to roofing, and was the winner of a contest called "My Scariest Roof", which was published on-line and republished by the Roof Consultants Institute.

John migrated to California with his wife Debbie in late 1973, leaving behind the cold wintry snap of Buffalo, New York. Known for his coffee cup in hand and working unusual and extended hours, he searches out the local 7-Eleven'sR wherever he goes. John and his wife have been together since 1973 and she is his support person in life, as well as being a successful business owner of a children's movement and dance consultant. John has four children - one daughter and three sons, and three granddaughters and two grandson who live in various parts of the United States. John enjoys hiking, history, computers, music, playing guitar and blues harmonica, plus just about anything with a technical twist.

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