Roof, Waterproofing, and Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Roofing Consulting:

We provide consulting services for a wide range of weather protection considerations including: system selection, building code compliance, California energy code roofing compliance (California Title 24, Part 6), wind uplift resistance (Factory Mutual Global 1-60 and 1-90), fire resistance (Underwriter Laboratory, ASTM E108, and hourly assembly ratings), condensation, ventilation, photovoltaic solar panels modules, construction fume / dust / noise control, historic preservation and reconstruction, and other issues related to a building’s weather protection systems. We specialize in providing solutions to unique and challenging roof, waterproofing, and building envelope problems

Roof Moisture Surveys:

We have trained and experienced staff members who use nuclear, infrared or capacitance equipment to identify the size and location of moisture within roof assemblies. When the size and location of wet areas in a roof assembly is known, cost effective decisions about whether to repair or replace the roof system can be made

Leak Investigation and Analysis:

Diagnosing a chronic leak requires analytical skills, persistence, and sometimes involves use of moisture detection devices.  We have a good understanding of building construction which is essential for identifying those leaks that may not be roof related.

Construction Documents:

A good roof starts with thorough specifications. Whether reroofing or planning for new construction, we can assist by reviewing roof and waterproofing system options.  Complete written specifications and CAD drawings can be developed, identifying materials to be used and describing installation tolerances.  We can also provide complete bid packages utilizing AIA documents for retrofit construction

Construction Monitoring:

Consultation and periodic site visit services during construction is recommended and can aid as part of an owners overall quality program.    We can assist on projects where TRS prepared technical documents by conducting a pre-roof meeting, periodic or weekly meetings, intermittent consultant observation of roof and waterproofing installations, and provide reports noting general conditions observed and documenting TRS' on-site communications, which can help with accountability that is documented.  Final "observation  list" preparation and review of specified warranties can also be provided.

Roof Survey Reports:

Periodic roof surveys provide a documented road map for identifying potential roof problems and, therefore, can assist the property owner or manager in planning future repairs or reroofs. When purchasing an existing building, it is helpful to know the condition on the roof and any roof related repair costs.

Insurance and Legal Claims:

An objective review of construction documents and investigation of claims is often useful in resolving disputes.  On many occasions, we have assisted owners, contractors and material manufacturers in resolution of construction disputes, drawing on our years of field experience and on reasonable definitions of performance.

Roof Management Programs:

We will conduct a visual condition survey of each roof area and document surficial roof conditions such as deterioration, poor drainage, accumulated debris and other conditions. Based on conditions observed, we project the remaining life of roofs and can formulate a schedule for repairs and, if necessary, reroofing. An opinion of probable costs associated with the various repair and reroofing work can also be developed. This information can assist you in prudently allocating roof maintenance resources and reasonable anticipated roof capital improvements

Litigation Support & Expert Witness:

We have investigated numerous failures and claims relating to water intrusion that have progressed to litigation.  Personnel at TRS have a broad diversity of experiences from the design, construction, and materials testing spectrums of the roofing and waterproofing industries. As a result, TRS personnel have often assisted counsel for both plaintiffs and defendants. 

Laboratory Analysis:

We have our own laboratory for quantitative analysis of  built-up roof samples, and gravimetric moisture determinations of various building materials. Analysis of built-up roof samples can provide valuable information with regard to ply structure, unit weights of materials, and identification of various materials and their properites.

Lectures, Articles, Slide Presentations:

TRS has often been called upon to disseminate information regarding issues in the roof and waterproofing industry. We have been key lecturers at various association meetings, architectural firms, university courses, corporate facility managers, presented numerous education programs, and have served on the faculty of a national education institute. TRS team members have also written articles published by industry trade magazines, assisted in preparation of government training manuals and technical papers for the industry.